Saturday, July 18, 2015

Open letter to God

Open letter to God July 3rd 2015 is the day that I will never forget. It was the day that changed my life forever my Mother and my cousin we're both diagnosed Cancer my mother departed this life August 25th 1:05a.m My Cousin departed this life on Tuesday almost made it to a year my Mother didn't last 2 months. I have so many sleepless nights and lonely days. I woke up this morning so much on my mind ,all I can think about is. all of the pain ,sickness, stress, losses ,, that my family and friends had been through the year and a half. They say if you pray that you would take all the pain away. But when? If I can't run to you in my time of need what am I supposed to run to? I came to you (GOD) on my knees!! Please!!! forgive me for all my "sins". Just so you can heal all those who are sick ,stressed out , in pain,or just need of prayer, They say , You walk on right out of Heaven an on to the Earth." ha" ha" ha" Well I'm sorry God, I Blame You ("GOD" ) I put all my Faith & Trust into you that. You would heal all Things and would make everything better. I'm still searching for the answer. Father can you hear me? When I PRAY? When I CRY? When I TALK to you "GOD"???