Monday, December 26, 2011

My goals for 2012

My Goals for 2012

                                                 Well the New Year is just a few days away.

                                      And it's time to start with those New Year's goals

I had started dieting earlier this year and lost 55lbs. I think gained like maybe ten of it back.   Just over the holidays.
So I'm goals is starting a new diet this Friday, Monday start the new year.
So here is a list of my six new year's goals
  1. Drop 20lbs in 3mths.
  2. Reading the Quran more...
  3. Try my best to be a good mom...
  4. Try my best I make me happy...
  5. Go back to school...
  6. To start blog and you tubing more.

I will start doing weekly update with pictures and  whatever new diet I'll be starter for the week... so lets do!!

My Life Story Pt1

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My life story

  If you had the chances to tell you story how would you start it?
 Would you tell the truth about yourself or lies to make yourself look good?
My life story would start maybe age the age of 2 years old, and until now the age of 35Th year old.
I can recall   talking to God and know his was my best friend in the whole world. Looking out of the window and talking to God I can reminder  thinking that we all lived in this great big story book, and there was little girl reading the stories of our lives every night before she went off the sleep.
Know that it may  sounded a little crazy …

so many thoughts running through my mind !

today is december 26th is not really good day for me I don't know why ,I'm so many thoughts and feelings running through me  at this point in time.. I'm thinking about the new year coming in and hoping and praying that it's better than here....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

question of the week ?

if you wanted to stop something what is the best way to go about it ? and it could be anything ..

How to have a black barbie party !

My little girl was just about to turned 8 years old,so I ask my little girl what kind of theme  she wants for her birthday.she said mommy I want a black barbie party not a white barbie but a black barbie party! So I said okay !so to the  store I went in search of party  invitations,party supplies and dolls ,well little did I know that there are no black barbie invitations  or party supplies .and it is hard as hell to find any black barbie dolls ,I went to walmart, big lots, target and toys r us, Out of all of this top name stores I found 4 african american barbie dolls  2 regular sized dolls ,and the bobble head dolls,,,, atfer my  all day of searching   for african american barbie I went to the family dollar in the hood ,and found  the big barbie head  that I needed..Now I'm moving on to the invitations in party supplies ,as far as I can see you there isn't one african american party supply for barbies out their ,,,, So I took to the internet and found all of these beautiful african american barbie invitations ,and thank you cards, that you can print yourself ,,I also found these labels that you can put your child's name in and make labels for the cups and things .So with a little bit patience and time throwing your child the perfect african american barbie party is possible  !!!

Just  an f.y.i I am NOT the woman who started the petition Mattel..
But I do have a lot to say about it ,and I will  be doing  that on another blog about about it ,I do want to think all of you  for stopping by and supporting .

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

praise dancers

Watch "praise dancers" on YouTube

my daughter and her cousins are just wonderful performance by marvin sapp ,if you take the time to listen to the lyrics of the song it really touched my heart.1 of the dancers had been sick this year ,and to see her performing made me cry. even though I cry everytime I see them perfrom. please enjoy the video

Friday, December 16, 2011

So much on my mind ..

Today is frist day of my new life ..
its time for me to cut of all of the bulls*!! in my life ,
Life is to short to be unhappy..
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How long is to long?

Good morning ,
                                I just have one (?) of the day .
 How long is to long to stay with someone b4 its called  relationship ?